Barton Snacks Review

Last Thursday I stumbled across a new restaurant in Toronto, Barton Snacks. It all started after attending a party at the Drake Hotel for Sailor Jerry and Stella Artois. After a long night of drinking my girlfriend and I decided it was time to leave and go look for somewhere to eat. We walked for […]

3 Days in New York City – Cheap Eats, Drinks & More! #3GuysNYC

A couple weeks ago, myself and 2 friends (Jo & Chris) decided to take a trip down to New York City for the weekend to explore the sights, nightlife & (most importantly) the food. The trip came about after we noticed that Porter Airlines was having a seat sale and realized it would only cost […]

Ravi Soups Review

This blog post is long overdue as Ravi Soups is one of my favourite places to eat and one of the best cheap eats in Toronto. Ravi Soups was started by Ravi Kanagarajah after a failed attempt to open a second Black Camel location. Prior to opening Ravi Soups Kanagarajah had worked his way up […]

Cheap Oyster Deals in Toronto

Oysters are often thought of as a celebratory dish, something reserved for special occassions, or an aphrodisiac. Fortunately due to some research we have done, they don’t have to be so sacred anymore! I decided to put together a list of places where you can find cheap (and sometimes FREE) oysters in the city. From […]

Hot Food Trends in Toronto – Street Food, Pop-ups, & Food Trucks

The food business in Toronto is currently in a rapidly evolving state with an increase in Street Food, Pop-ups & Food Trucks. Many of the businesses that are forming around these concepts are offering a great alternative to getting delicious food at a reasonable price. Unlike many of their brick and mortar competitors, these concepts […]