Khao San Road Review

After spending last Saturday night at Khao San Road‘s annual Songkran event (more on what is probably the best event I’ve EVER been to in Toronto in a future post), I was surprised to see that I hadn’t done a review for them on this blog. Khao San Road is without a doubt one of […]

Boston Pizza Pizzaburger Review

On April 1st, 2013, Boston Pizza announced the launch of their newest product: The Pizzaburger. In case you missed my last post (where you can even win 1 of 2 $50 Boston Pizza Gift Cards), the Pizzaburger is a half-pound prime rib beef burger wrapped in hand-pressed pizza dough and baked to order. It comes […]

Milestones Launches A New Menu For 2013

Prior to last night I had not set foot in a Milestones for over 3 years! Unlike many other restaurants in the very competitive mid-end chain restaurant space, it seemed like they did not do much to adapt to the ever changing climate over the past few years. I can’t even remember anyone telling me […]

Why Winterlicious Is NOT A Good Deal

Today marks the start of Winterlicious, a once great event in the city of Toronto. In it’s early stages you used to be able to go and get a great deal at some high end restaurants around the city that would typically cost a lot more. Over the years instead of making it affordable for […]

Rose And Sons Review

Rose and Sons is one of the hottest new restaurants in Toronto located at 176 Dupont Street. I had wanted to go check it out for some time, but as I am with many new restaurants it took some time to get there. Last Friday I decided to check it out with my girlfriend Amanda […]