Best Cheap Eats in Toronto

When I first started this blog, writing a post on the best cheap eats in Toronto was very high on my list of ideas. Unfortunately when I started to write the post I didn’t think I had tried enough places to put together a really good post. So, over the last year and a bit […]

Barton Snacks Review

Last Thursday I stumbled across a new restaurant in Toronto, Barton Snacks. It all started after attending a party at the Drake Hotel for Sailor Jerry and Stella Artois. After a long night of drinking my girlfriend and I decided it was time to leave and go look for somewhere to eat. We walked for […]

Kultura Spring Menu Tasting

Last week I was invited to check out a media party for the release of Kultura‘s new Spring Menu. I really didn’t know much about Kultura and thought it was another sub-par overpriced Toronto restaurant but as it turned out I was actually quite impressed with the food and the menu items (though slightly pricey […]

Chefydrew’s International Cuisine Toronto Review

Up until last night I had never even heard of a place called Chefydrew’s so this was probably the last place I would have expected to be writing my next review about. To be honest, I hate the name and their menu screams out “avoid” to me. I really only stumbled across the restaurant after […]

Pachuco Toronto Review

A few weeks ago I was invited to come check out Pachuco restaurant, a new Mexican spot in Toronto, for their “blogger preview”. In exchange for getting some exposure they offered to comp 2 items on the menu per table that attended. They label themselves as a “Modmex” restaurant, though I am not too sure […]