Cheapest Ways To Get To/From Toronto’s Pearson Airport

One of the things I hate most about travelling is all the small details that go into planning a trip, and one of the most important (and often expensive) tasks is getting to the airport. Since I am from Toronto, I know this airport the best and will be targeting this post on how to […]

Park’N Fly Review / Contest

Recently I took a trip to Varadero, Cuba and needed to get to the airport really early. In true “Cheap Dude” fashion, I started to think about the cheapest ways to get to the airport. I ended up deciding on driving to Pearson and using one of the overnight lots and felt that Park’N Fly […]

Cheap Date Ideas in Toronto

Planning fun dates can get quite expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you are planning your first date or 500th one, here are a list of cheap date ideas in the city of Toronto. Prices range anywhere from FREE to around $75 per person on each of these ideas. Also, don’t worry if […]

How To Get From Toronto To Montreal Cheap

One of my favourite cities to visit that is relatively close to Toronto is Montreal. With the rising prices in gas it is becoming quite costly to drive there, especially if you are travelling alone or with 1 other person. During my trip there last weekend I decided to do some investigation into the cheapest […]

Cheap Travel Tips for Canadians

With March break right around the corner you might be looking to take a trip to “escape” (probably not the best choice of word considering the winter we’ve had here in Toronto) the winter blues. Before you go rushing out to your local travel agent (sorry, but they have the worst prices from my experience […]