There have been several apps that allow you to make calls for free as long as you have wi-fi, but recently these have expanded to even include a few apps that give you your own phone number for FREE! This means you can get rid of your home phone, make calls while traveling (this is an update to my save money on your cell phone while traveling article), get free long distance and possibly even ditch your cell phone as long as you have an old app enabled cell-phone with wi-fi. While the article is about getting a free phone number, it is also a guide on how to cut long distance charges anywhere in the world and much more! Here’s how it works:

Get A Calling Device

All of these apps will require you have a an app enabled wi-fi phone. If you don’t have an old phone kicking around, head to Craigslist or Kijiji and pick up an old iPhone 3GS or iPhone4. You should be able to find a 3GS for under $100 or an iPhone 4 for a bit more. If you go over your minutes already on your current phone, this is a small investment to cut down your bill.

Free Phone AppsThe FREE Phone Apps


In Canada, Fongo is the only app that I have found that will give you your own phone number. Fongo started as a joint collaboration with Dell and up until January of this year was known as Dell Voice Powered By Fongo. To get started all you do is download the app, set up your account and Fongo will assign you your own number based on your location. My number is a 647 area code number because I am located in Toronto. Fongo will import all your contacts (if you let it), allow you to both make and receive phone calls anywhere in Canada and send instant messages to other Fongo users free of charge. If you need SMS messaging to any phone, you can buy a monthly package for $1.99. The app is available for iPhone or Android but they also have a desktop version of the software. Here are some screenshots of the app:

How To Use Fongo As Your Home Phone: Since you have a phone app with a number, all you need is wi-fi at home to be able to use the phone when you want. If the phone never leaves your home and you only need one phone then just leave it on all the time and voila, you have a FREE home phone!


TalkatoneIf you are American and stumbled across this article, then this is the app for YOU! Talkatone is an app similar to Fongo, but works better if you are in the United States because you will get a free phone number if you are using the app there. Talkatone uses the Google Voice platform and allows you to make phone calls to anywhere in the US and Canada for FREE. Unfortunately Canadian users of the service won’t get their own phone number unless they are traveling in the USA (great option if you travel a lot south of the border). If you need to call anywhere else in the world, you can do so by taking advantage of Google Voice’s low rates, but this is an additional cost. Talkatone will work on iOS & Android devices only.

FREE Phone Options Without A Number

If you don’t need to have a phone number, there are a few other apps that you can use to make phone calls anywhere in the world. These are:

Skype: Probably the world’s largest online messaging tool, Skype also offers calling, instant messaging and video conferencing between Skype users anywhere in the world for free. You are able to make calls to phones anywhere in the world for low prices, but will need to buy Skype credits first. Skype is not linked with your phone address book unfortunately (unless you are just trying to make a call) and you will need to add your friends manually using the Skype application. Skype will work on the largest range of devices, including computers, mobile phones, TVs, Skype ready phones and much more!

Viber: A service that allows you to make free long distance phone calls anywhere in the world to other people using Viber. Viber will work on any of the following devices: iOS/Apple, Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia & Bada. Calls are made over wi-fi or a 3G network. Viber has a keypad that allows you to make calls to anywhere, BUT these are NOT FREE and will charge you at your wireless provider’s regular long distance rates so be careful!

Notable Mention: Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a phone app used for messaging. You can send messages to any of your friends also using Whatsapp and only need a wi-fi connection to do so. It is basically a better version of your phone’s text messaging service.

Other Benefits

The things you can do with the apps above open a lot of doors to save money in all areas of your life. Here are some of the ways:

– Eliminate long distance charges when travelling
– Have a phone for traveling that just needs wi-fi
Save money on your cell phone bill
– Eliminate the need for a home phone
– Keep you in better contact with loved ones around the world
– Eliminate the need for a text messaging plan

If there is anything missing in this article that you can think of and would like to add, please let me know in the comment section below. Any and all comments are welcomed and appreciated!