Why Winterlicious Is NOT A Good Deal

Today marks the start of Winterlicious, a once great event in the city of Toronto. In it’s early stages you used to be able to go and get a great deal at some high end restaurants around the city that would typically cost a lot more. Over the years instead of making it affordable for […]

Rose And Sons Review

Rose and Sons is one of the hottest new restaurants in Toronto located at 176 Dupont Street. I had wanted to go check it out for some time, but as I am with many new restaurants it took some time to get there. Last Friday I decided to check it out with my girlfriend Amanda […]

Kultura Spring Menu Tasting

Last week I was invited to check out a media party for the release of Kultura‘s new Spring Menu. I really didn’t know much about Kultura and thought it was another sub-par overpriced Toronto restaurant but as it turned out I was actually quite impressed with the food and the menu items (though slightly pricey […]

Chefydrew’s International Cuisine Toronto Review

Up until last night I had never even heard of a place called Chefydrew’s so this was probably the last place I would have expected to be writing my next review about. To be honest, I hate the name and their menu screams out “avoid” to me. I really only stumbled across the restaurant after […]