Foodival: Toronto’s First Carnival Themed Food Event (GIVEAWAY)

In just over 1 week, there is a new event coming to Toronto called Foodival. Foodival is a carnival themed food event with childhood carnival favourite munchies, games, performances, giveaways and more! Foodival will feature over 20 local food vendors all doing their take on carnival foods. Vendors include Le Dolci, The Happy Hooker, Tocino […]

Cheap Drinks In Toronto

Bars are getting more expensive to go for drinks in this city every year. A $5 cocktail of a few years ago is now $8. Here are some of my favourite places to go in Toronto for cheap drinks: Ballroom Bowl Located in the Entertainment District, Ballroom is one of my favourite bars in the […]

Oddseoul Review

Last Friday I was out for a night on the town with my friend Jo. We had started the night at No One Writes To The Colonel and enjoyed several cocktails but were looking for a new place to try. We wanted to continue drinking great cocktails but were also starting to get hungry when […]

Khao San Road Review

After spending last Saturday night at Khao San Road‘s annual Songkran event (more on what is probably the best event I’ve EVER been to in Toronto in a future post), I was surprised to see that I hadn’t done a review for them on this blog. Khao San Road is without a doubt one of […]

Cheap Ski Hills Near Toronto

If you live near Toronto, finding cheap skiing or snowboarding can be difficult. Given our ski and snowboarding seasons that seem to be getting shorter and shorter, your number of options for a day on the slopes is few and far between. This article is definitely late in the season, but you should still be […]