This section might take a little longer for me to get going on than the other sections so to give you a little introduction about why I added this section I thought I would make a list of all of the places I have travelled to here.


Canada: Sometimes I feel like we take the country for granted when it comes to thinking of places where to travel as there are so many amazing places in our own backyard. When I was young we did a drive out east from Toronto all the way to Cape Breton and back so I got to see a lot of the east coast as well as spent some time in Vancouver (and surrounding areas), though at the time I didn’t really care much for beautiful scenery. In more recent years I have been to: Montreal (multiple times), Halifax/Antigonish Nova Scotia, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria and all over Ontario. My 2 favourite places that I have been to in Canada are Montreal (great food, shopping & nightlife) and Vancouver (scenic with a great vibe). The one place I would really like to visit in Canada is Calgary.

UFC 124 in Montreal

U.S.A.: I have been to a lot of the east coast states in the US but have yet to do much of the west coast. The only place that I have done west is Las Vegas where I have been several times for lots of debauchery. My 2 favourite US cities so far would have to be New York City (everywhere you step is like you are in a movie or TV episode) and Miami (though EXPENSIVE, gotta have some fun in the sun too!). On the top of my list of places to go in the US is California.

Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon

Mexico: Known by most Canadians as a cheap place to take a vacation or somewhere to party your face off, Mexico has taken a turn for the worse in recent years and now has several travel advisories for Canadians. Though most of the problems are in the North, there are still many beautiful things to see and do there. So far I have visited Playa Del Carmen, Cancun and Tulum. I am hoping to make it to Los Cabos one day.

Chitchen Itza



Barbados: I went to Barbados when I was very young so to be honest I don’t really remember much other than the sand was VERY HOT!

Cuba: I’ve travelled to Cuba once and stayed in Cayo Coco (a penninsula in the north). The beaches were excellent, the people were super friendly and the food left a lot to be desired.

Jamaica: Probably my favourite of all the islands I have been to in the Carribean, Jamaica is the home to reggae music and some of my favourite foods. I definitely recommend a visit!

Bob Marley's Birthplace Mt. Zion

Bahamas: I visited Paradise Island in Nassau while on a cruise as well as a small island owned by the cruise company. Atlantis resort is amazing with an awesome waterpark (I love the slide where you go through a shark tank) and massive casino. I will probably return here one day.

Great Stirrup Cay

Trinidad: I went to Port of Spain with an old friend as he had lots of family there. The food was great (especially shark and bake on the beach at Richard’s) but the country has a very bad vibe about it and safety is an issue.

Honduras (Roatan): Stopped here while on a cruise, the island is known for their diving. I had never scuba dived before going here but snorkelled around the reefs which was quite amazing. Would love to go back for a real dive!

Scooter "Ride of Death" through the mountains in Roatan



Colombia: Looking for a change of scenery from the usual Carribean destinations my friend and I decided to visit Cartagena. The people were probably the friendliest I’ve met in the world and we had a great time!

Cartagena - Castillo San Felipe

Venezuela: Didn’t quite venture to Caracas or the mainland but did a trip to Margarita Island. I found it to be a little “cold” (not temperature) and definitely didn’t come close to the friendliness of their neighbour Colombia.

Argentina: I spent 6 months in Argentina learning Spanish mainly in Buenos Aires but also made my way to Cordoba and Mendoza. This is probably one of my favourite places in the world and I would love to go back again one day. The only negative is Argentina ruined steak for me as they have the best I’ve had anywhere!

Buenos Aires, Argentina - La Bombonera (home to River Plate)

Uruguay: While in Argentina we did a day trip to Colonia in Uruguay. The country, from what I saw of it, seemed very nice and I would love to go back one day and visit the beaches of Punta del Este in high season.



England: Both times I have gone to London have been for conferences so I haven’t done a lot of sightseeing. London is expensive, but is also a really cool city that I would like to explore more in the future.

Spain: I have travelled to Mallorca & Ibiza once and Barcelona twice. Mallorca is definitely my favourite of them all as it is super laid back but Barcelona definitely has a nice charm about it also.

Barcelona - View from Mount Tibidabo

France: I have really only been to Nice in the south of France and it wasn’t the best time of the year to visit. France is definitely on my list of countries that I need to explore more.

Monaco: Monte Carlo is like fantasy land to me, where every other car is a Ferrari or Bentley. There is far too much money here and things are super expensive, but I went after my brother won a ticket to a poker tournament. Turned out one of the members of my poker site at the time ended up winning the tournament (around $3Mil) so we had lots of fun that night!

Monte Carlo Port

Greece: I love historic sites, so Greece was a lot of fun! I spent a few days in Athens then did a cruise of the Greek Islands including Rhodes, Patmos, Crete, Mykonos and my favourite, Santorini.

Santorini, Greece

Italy: This trip probably caused me to gain 15 pounds. I spent 2 weeks going around Italy to most of the big cities including Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Florence and Verona. Very beautiful country with amazing food, I will definitely be going back one day!

Pizza in Naples

Poland: I have visited Warsaw twice now and enjoyed both of my trips. They have some great food, cool bars and everything costs a fraction of what it does here.

Warsaw - Old Town

Hungary: I went to Budapest for a conference and wasn’t all that impressed with Hungary to be honest. They have some really cool bridges, but that was about all.

Czech Republic: I’ve visited Prague twice now and really liked my time there. It has amazing architecture combined with the charm of most european cities though there is a slight cold eastern european feeling about it.

Prague - With the Prague Castle in the background

Austria: When in Prague I made a last minute decision to visit Vienna and didn’t really know what to expect. I was blown away by the incredible buildings and would definitely go back here one day!



Turkey: Visited Kusadasi as part of my cruise around the Greek islands. Some great bargains in their markets and some very important historical sites.


On top of all those I’ve stopped over in airports of many other countries and also passed through some while on trains.

I will try to go into further detail about some of these places in future posts.