Here I am! was started by myself, Graham Rowlands. I created this site as a place to talk about my favourite things in life with people who share similar interests. The main things I will be talking about on this site are Food (restaurant reviews, cheap eats, my favourite places to go for certain things), Drinks (nightlife, drink recipes, product reviews), Shopping (cool products, where to get stuff cheap), Saving Money (tips I’ve discovered over the years) and Travel (cool places, trip reports of places I go).

So why should you listen to me about these things?

Food: I have grown up working in the food industry doing catering with friends, I eat out A LOT, I have taken several cooking courses including a short time doing a professional chef course at George Brown and I love to eat!

Drinks: This goes hand-in-hand with food. I love trying new wines, spirits, beers and various cocktail recipes. I have received my bartender certification and spend a fair amount in various bars.

Shopping: I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to shopping, especially online. I know when and where to go to get the most value for your dollar through years of personal research.

Saving Money: As you can see by the name of the site, I can be a “cheap dude” at times, though I consider it more thrifty than cheap. I have no problem spending good money on things I really like or what, but when it comes to day to day stuff that I need I have always done my best to ensure I am getting the best deal. I have been a member on since 2001 where I have learned tons of great info on saving money on EVERYTHING!

Travel: I love to travel and have gone to over 20 different countries including spending 6 months living in Argentina. I try to take at least 4 trips per year and love exploring new places.

As you can see above I like to think I have a lot of experience in these subjects and hope to share some of the things I have learned over the years from my experiences with each of them. Of course if you don’t agree with anything I say on the site I would love to know as this kind of feedback is really the only way for me to learn!

I hope you enjoy my blog and look forward to interacting with you either on here, Twitter, or on your blogs as well.

All the best,