After recently getting my first dog, I quickly learned that buying supplies for the dog or cat in your life can get very expensive! Like many pet owners, shortly after picking our new puppy up we headed straight to Petsmart for some basic supplies. While some of their prices were very competitive and good, many of the prices seemed quite ridiculous. Who knew a cheap looking chew toy could cost as much as $15! I couldn’t accept that this was a normal cost for these types of items so decided to start comparing prices from other places that I knew had pet supplies. Doing so, I quickly learned that prices from one pet store to another can fluctuate quite drastically. I couldn’t believe that one store could charge $10 for a dog toy, then just down the street it would be half the price. This lead me to try to find several places where you could buy pet toys, accessories, beds and even food for the lowest price without sacrificing on quality.

dog-cat-suppliesThis article is a work in progress as I continue to explore new places. I also realize I am not the only person who knows where the best deals are and need your help, so if you have any suggestions of stores, please leave them in the comment section below. Here are the stores that I have discovered where you can buy things for your dog or cat at much lower prices in Canada:

The Dollar Store – I never knew the Dollar Store had a pet section until I got a dog! Here you can find dog and cat food bowls, treats, toys, poop bags and more for super cheap! While I suggest doing your own research when it comes to food (I personally prefer to give my dog more natural foods), they carry many name brands such as Milk Bone and Cesar. The poop bags for dogs are cheapest here as you can get a box of 75 for $1! – Buying online is one of the best ways to save lots of money! As with many everything else they sell, Amazon carries some of the lowest prices! While buying books for your pet, you can also buy everything from dog and cat beds, collars, training accessories, grooming supplies and much more!

Winners / Homesense – Since both stores are owned by the same company I will put them together. Many of the accessories they carry are similar between the two stores and I have not noticed any variation in pricing. Both stores have a large selection of dog and cat furniture (including beds and towers), treats, toys, collars, bowls and cleaning products at very reasonable prices. They also carry many high quality items that smaller pet stores would likely charge three times as much. These stores are my favorite local option for good quality at a low price.

Walmart – It wouldn’t be a “cheap something” article without mentioning Walmart. Walmart carries a broad range of items for your pet, from food to accessories and beds. The best value shopping at Walmart is finding items when they go on sale.

Canadian Tire – Canadian Tire’s prices are quite competitive to many other pet stores, but they do put several items on sale every week. If you are looking for a larger item for your pet but aren’t in a rush, keep an eye on their sales. They carry many name brand toys such as Kong and even Cesar Millan’s own line of pet supplies. – Ebay is a great marketplace where you can find anything for cheap, and pet supplies are no exception! This takes a bit more work, but if you are looking for rare items or higher priced items you may be able to find a good deal here!

Petsmart – Probably the largest pet supply stores in Canada, here you can find anything for any type of pet! From fish to snakes, they have all accessories to take care of these kinds of animals. Their dog and cat sections are by far the biggest sections in the store and if you join their PetPerks program (free to join) they put several items on sale every week where members get a good discount.

PetValu – Another one of the biggest chains of pet stores in Canada, I haven’t been too impressed with Pet Valu’s prices. They do have pretty much anything you could need for your dog or cat (even a self washing station at some stores!) but I have found their prices to be high so far. The only real “valu” comes from buying items that are on sale.

Thanks for reading my article, and as I mentioned above if you know any other pet stores that I should check out please leave a comment below!