Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to a tequila tasting event for Sauza tequilas for bloggers and some mainstream media (one of the perks of writing a blog). The timing was probably not the best as I recently started a health kick and swore off drinking shots this year as a new years resolution (the most common way tequila is consumed), but when I saw there would also be tequila infused food and Mexican music I figured why not! I also have a pretty good collection of tequila in my house already so I was curious of different things I could use them for, whether it be food or a cocktail, so thought this would be a very educational event. Furthermore the event was being held at Reposado, a tequila bar I had really wanted to try after seeing how highly they were rated on Yelp making it a no brainer decision to attend!

My tequila collection (with the Hornitos added that I received at this event)

Upon arrival I was greeted by Brittany and Gosia from Praxis PR (the company organizing the event). I was told the first drink right when walking in was to do a shot at the bar, then the bartender would help me with another drink. I stuck to my resolution and skipped the shot and went straight for a cocktail.

Sauza Sin Shots

The party was excellent with a few different tequila infused foods as well as a nice drinks list (which I worked my way through):

#sauzafirsts Drinks List

Here are some shots of the food and drinks at the event:

Hornitos Blood Orange Margarita

Sauza Silver Blue Agave Paloma (My Favourite)

Tequila Infused Foods

After a quick introduction to the event everyone was given an opportunity to go into the other room to sample four different tequilas offered by Sauza. The four tequilas that we tried were the Sauza Silver, Sauza Gold, Hornitos and the Tres Generaciones. The general consensus from the room during my tasting was that most people (myself included) prefered the Hornitos tequila over the other three. Throughout my life I have tried many different tequilas and think that the $39 price tag (LCBO price) is a very great value for a 100% agave tequila with a taste comparable to higher end tequilas that charge more than twice the price.

Mike McLean explaining the different tequilas

Tequila Tasting Setup

During the event we also learned lots of intersting facts about the brand. For example, I never knew that Sauza was the first brand to export its’ tequilas to the world, which was done in 1873.

All in all, it was a great event and if I manage to get through all the bottles of tequila I have stocked up in my house I would definitely consider picking up a bottle of the Hornitos as I think it was the best value of the tequilas we tried. I also look forward to experimenting more with tequila in various drinks and even food after attending this event!

The sign on the ground as I left Reposado