It is the time of year where many people are looking for new patio furniture or to replace their existing patio set. If you don’t do your research, you can end up spending a lot of money for a decent looking set. Fortunately, you don’t have to as there are many places where you can find quality furniture for a good price. From outdoor sofas to table sets, this guide is meant to help you find excellent patio furniture for cheap.

While I am writing this guide from a Toronto perspective, much of this guide applies to all of Canada because most of the stores listed can be found in every province.

Here are some of my favorite places to find cheap patio furniture:

cheap patio – If you don’t mind doing your shopping online, carries some great deals on patio furniture for Canadians. If you are looking for patio furniture that you don’t necessarily have to sit in to try for yourself or accessories, I definitely suggest taking a look here first.

Canadian Tire – Canadian Tire is another big box store with great savings and deals every day on outdoor living products. They now carry a line of outdoor furniture by Umbra Loft Collection which is about making a “big impact, in small spaces”. These items are really affordable with colourful bistro sets starting as low as $30 and a 1 year exchange warranty comes with all their products. The Umbra Loft Collection is designed with the urban, condo patio in mind and really caters to easy storage, easy cleaning while keeping things chic. They also carry many other patio furniture brand names at very affordable prices that of course vary in look and style according to space and preference. And if you want to get really comfy and plush outside, they also carry the La-Z-Boy brand of outdoor furniture, including outdoor recliners! But generally this type of furniture is on the more expensive side. Some benefits to Canadian Tire’s website is it actually outlines the details of the furniture well and includes consumer reviews to help you make your decision. Some have more reviews than others but it’s still good to be able to read what others have to say about it or write a review yourself.

Costco – You will need a Costco membership to buy anything here, and I have always held off getting a membership because they only accept American Express. But, if these things are fine for you, they do have some good deals on stylish patio furniture sets.

DOT Patio Furniture – D.O.T. Furniture has an awesome collection of modern, chic outdoor tables, chairs, and accessories. They have everything you can imagine to suit all tastes and spaces made from various popular outdoor materials that stand up against the elements. Their products range from very affordable to much more expensive but you just have to find what works best with your budget. They also have season sales and in-store clearance items that you can get for much less. They have locations across the GTA, stretching as far east as Whitby and as far west as London, Ontario. They also have a clearance outlet store at 90 Ronson Dr. that is open 7 days a week, and just off the 401 between Martin Grove Rd and Kipling Ave. north of Dixon Rd. I suggest checking the outlet out first before heading to an actual store.

Home Depot – The Home Depot, like Rona, carries a wide selection of patio furniture, including many colourful, cute folding bistro sets for 2 that fit on any balcony downtown, or small front porch. These retail for just under $100 and can easily be stored in a condo locker over the winter, or folded and covered flat on the balcony.  Unlike Rona, The Home Depot lists their prices online and they stock items that are for online sale only as well as in store, so for the biggest selection of patio items, check out their online store. You’ll even notice prices will state “includes shipping costs” which makes shopping online easy, budget savvy and painless. The Home Depot also has weekly specials that are worth taking advantage of because you can really save yourself some money if shop around and wait for the deal.

Homesense – HomeSense has incredible finds for a fraction of the costs in other stores. The product selection is limited however, so if you see something you want, it’s best to just get it because chances are, it won’t be there a week or even few days later. The plus side to this, HomeSense has an amazing return policy, especially if you are a TJX card holder (free to sign up – extended return policy for card holders) so if you get home and try your new patio products out and decide against them, just take them back for a  full refund with the receipt. HomeSense claims to save you up to 60% less on items, and the majority of the stuff, I find anyways, is good quality. They sell big-ticket items like chairs and tables, to all the colourful knickknacks you want to make your garden, patio, balcony, whatever your space as inviting and fun as you like. I like how they colour coordinate things in the store to visually help you shop and pick your colours accordingly. Their merchandising, as well as product selection and prices are fantastic and a must visit for outdoor dining ware too.

Hudson’s Bay – The Bay is home to a nice variety of patio furniture for a low price. They carry several stylish lines and offer some great pricing on all your patio needs.

Real Canadian Superstore – Many grocery stores carry a small supply of patio furniture items, but Loblaws Superstore probably has the best selection. They tend to carry smaller items like chairs, bistro sets, etc. and some accessories. Prices are very reasonable but quality is far from top of the line.

Rona – Rona carries a huge selection of outdoor furniture, including gazebos, pergolas, sun shelters, swings, arbors, ponds and more. If you have the space for bigger patio items, then Rona has it all. You can keep your eye open for weekly specials or check out their Spring catalogue online (only draw back is prices are not listed online).  Of course price compare against other major chain big box stores to know you’re getting the best quality for the best deal out there. One bonus Rona offers: they are an Air Miles partner so if you collect Air Miles, you can rack up some decent points here and they often run “bonus Air Miles” promotions too.

Sears – Similar to Hudson’s Bay in selection, Sears Canada offers a good selection of patio furniture for cheap. Their prices range from cheap to very expensive so always check the prices first!

Target – Thanks to Target finally coming to Canada, we can also say “Hi neighbour, wanna come over for a BBQ?” thanks to the inexpensive, great finds at Target for the perfect outdoor patio. One of their house brands, Threshold, makes some classy looking patio furniture sets which retail from $169 and up. From aluminum bistro sets perfect for small spaces to full on wicker loves seats and chairs, you can have your patio looking stylish in no time. You can also find amazing colourful garden décor such as fun garden statues, cushions, serving ware and flower pots retailing as low as $5 and up to spruce up your look any way you want it. Target also carries the outdoor portable fire bowls to give summer evenings that warm feel.

Walmart – As with everything else cheap, you can find patio furniture at Walmart too! I would say their selection is pretty decent, but quality definitely varies.

If you know any other stores where you can find great inexpensive patio furniture in Canada, I would love it if you can share in the comments selection below! Since I don’t know everything, it helps other people reading this blog find the best places to find cheap patio furniture that I may have missed.