As of today, you officially have 2 weeks to start planning your Valentines Day. If you wait too late, Valentines Day can easily become one of the most expensive holidays of the year. This article can be used as a guide for cheap Valentines Day ideas. From cheap gifts, flowers and date ideas, we have you covered to maximize the wow factor at Valentines Day without going crazy spending a lot of money.


Cheap Valentines Day Date Ideas

Below are a list of ideas to have a cheap date on Valentines Day. Since nobody knows your lover better than yourself, you will need to pick one of these dates that best suits their personality:

Parisian Theme Date – Almost every girl I know has some secret obsession with Paris. This is most likely due to it being the international city of romance. To pull this date off try to decorate your place in somewhat of a Parisian theme: nice white table-cloth, nicely decorated table, a single rose in an empty bottle of French wine and candles. Next do your best to play the part by speaking with your best attempt at a French accent and dressing very nicely. If you can convince a friend to act as a waiter even better, though remember to kick them out after dinner is served! Finally prepare a dinner with a french menu and let the romance continue after dinner!

Wine Tasting – If you and your Valentine are wine lovers, why not host your own wine tasting for the two of you. To do this, buy a few different wines. To make this as economical as possible you can buy a few cheaper wines (around $10) and pair them with some nice cheeses. You can create your own scorecards for each of the wine and compare your thoughts at the end. By the time you are done you will both more than likely be feeling the effects of the wine and can see where it takes you next!

Explore Your Kinky Sides – If you are looking for something to spice things up in the bedroom for Valentines Day, why not take a trip together to a sex shop. You can each pick out an outfit for one another along with a toy and then take them home to try! If you don’t want to do outfits you can pick her up some sexy lingerie instead.

Embrace The Cold – Since Valentines Day typically comes during a cold time of year, why not embrace it! For this date I would suggest grabbing your ice skates and hitting up a local rink. After an hour or so of skating, head somewhere to warm up with some hot chocolate and get cozy with one another.

Plan A Picnic – If the weather turns out to be warmer than usual, why not plan a picnic! Pack a basket full of delicious goodies and head somewhere romantic that you can enjoy them together.

Cook Together – Since you guys are already a great team, why not show off your team-working skills and prepare a fancy dinner together. Find some recipes of your Valentine’s favourite meal items and do a grocery run beforehand to grab all the ingredients. Delegate tasks and work to pull off a fantastic meal!

Pamper Her – Start of the date by sending your girlfriend to her favourite local nail salon to get a manicure. While she is out, prepare her a nice dinner with some bubbly! After dinner finish off by giving her a full body massage with scented massage oils.

Take In Some Cheap Entertainment – If you can’t afford tickets to a big show in the city, why not find a cheaper alternative. This can include things like watching a band play at a local bar, going to a comedy show or visiting a fringe theater.

Bar Hop With Appetizers – Instead of going out for a fancy meal, why not go to several cool bars and have small dishes at each. You should be able to get a couple of drinks at each and a shared appetizer for around $20 per spot that you visit.

Have A Cheap Valentines Day Getaway – Drive somewhere about an hour from where you live and rent a hotel for the night. You can plan a nice sexy night in complete with room service and wine that you bring with you.

Bring The Movie Theater To You – Find a nice romantic movie for the two of you and make pop corn and get a jar of her favourite candies.

Re-Live Your 1st Date – Take your Valentine back to the place the 2 of you met for the 1st time or where you went for your 1st date.

Take A Class Together – From cooking to dancing lessons there are lots of different classes you can take together that don’t have to be that expensive.

Invent a Cocktail – Buy a bunch of ingredients to make cocktails and work to together to design your own signature “couple” cocktail.


Cheap Valentines Flowers

Cheap flowers and Valentines Day definitely don’t belong in the same sentence! Florists typically jack prices up on flowers 200-300% around Valentines Day for a nice bouquet of roses as it is one of their busiest times of the year. To get around this, avoid buying an arrangement from a florist. Most grocery stores sell roses without a vase for cheaper than florists. You can buy cheap vases from the dollar store that when combined together will look like you spent much more than you actually did! Alternatively, if you can buy your flowers and have them delivered a few days before Valentines Day you will also save a lot of money!


Cheap Valentines Day Gifts

Jewellery – As much as every girl loves Tiffany & Co., there are a lot of nice jewellery pieces out there for much less money. Check out the kiosks in the mall for a great deal on something for your special someone.

I.O.U. Jar – Fill a mason jar with little coupons that can be redeemed for various services. From cleaning the house to a nice foot massage these are things that can give your loved one a taste of Valentines Day all year-long.

Photo Collage – Fill up a picture frame with a photo collage of memories shared between you and your loved one.

Mixed CD – Make a mixed CD of her favourite songs. Yes, this still has a ton of charm!

Cologne / Perfume – Find a scent that you would love to smell on your Valentine or one that they really want.

A Meaningful Card – Never underestimate the power a well thought out, sincere card can have. For cheap cards you can find lots of options at the dollar store.

Lingerie – A common Valentines Day gift that can be fun for the both of you.


Valentines Ideas That Cost Nothing

A Top 10 Reasons Why You Love Them List – Create a list showing them why you love them so much.

Romantic Text – Sent a nice romantic text during a typically hectic time of the day for your loved one.

Romantic Note – Write a romantic note for them and leave it in a place that they will likely find it during the day.

Sexy Text – Send your Valentine some racy pictures of you during the day of what they can expect later that night.


For more inspiration also check out my cheap date ideas post for other date ideas that work year round!

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas