If you go to a lot of events in Toronto, there is a good chance you may have come across Uniiverse. While Uniiverse is great for events, there is so much more to their product and it is one of the most awesome tools that I have come across!

Uniiverse is an online marketplace for events or services. On Uniiverse you can either DISCOVER (become a buyer of events or services) or if you have an entrepreneurial side you can CREATE and become a seller. As a seller, you have the ability to create events where you can charge an admission or offer some service.

The main reasons I REALLY love Uniiverse is it combines fun amazing experiences AND the ability to make money, two of my favourite things.

If you aren’t interested in selling but love learning or trying new things, then I guarantee you will find something interesting on Uniiverse. You can do everything from buying tickets to cool events around the city (both large and small) or learn a new skill like photography, dance lessons, cooking or even learn a new language. There are such a variety of things to do, that I suggest at least checking out the site for yourself or trying out their brand new iOS app.


If you are looking to make some extra money on the side and have a cool skill or service that you think others can benefit from then you can list it on Uniiverse for FREE! Uniiverse charges a small variable transaction fee on every purchase from their site which gets passed on to the buyer. Unlike listing your services on Craigslist or Kijiji, on Uniiverse sellers can receive ratings and feedback from people who have purchased tickets to their event or services. This helps reduce issues with people offering a sub-par product or service.

When searching for events on Uniiverse you have several filtering options. You can sort listings by location, date and of course price, to make sure you get a good deal!

Today Uniiverse has launched their iOS app for iPhone and iPad users. The app makes creating events and offering services SUPER EASY and makes it even easier to find out what is going on around the city. Here are some screenshots of how the app works:

So if you want to make some more money, learn a new skill or find out about some cool events going on around the city, then I suggest you check out Uniiverse and download their app today!