5 Awesome (& Cheap) Things About PEI

Prior to about a week ago, when I thought about Prince Edward Island (PEI for short) the only things that came to mind were potatoes, red earth and Anne of Green Gables. PEI was always a place that I knew very little about, and never had much of a desire to visit. Since attending an […]

5 Ways To Save Money On Cable TV

Cable TV is one of the biggest rip-offs. To get a decent channel setup you are looking at spending around $100 EVERY month. Reoccurring monthly costs are what make if very difficult for people to build up a savings, so when possible try to cut these from your life. Here are 5 tips and tricks […]

Best Credit Cards For Canadians

Picking a credit card can be a daunting task! There are so many different cards out there, and so many different features that you may or may not even need. This guide is intended to make it easy for Canadians to figure out which credit card is best for them. Every bank and major retailer […]

How To Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

Nowadays everyone seems to have a cell phone. I see plenty of young kids and even multiple homeless people chatting away on their mobile phones every day! My biggest complaint as a Canadian cell phone user is we get ripped off when compared to our neighbours in the USA, or anywhere else in the world […]

Cheap Travel Tips for Canadians

With March break right around the corner you might be looking to take a trip to “escape” (probably not the best choice of word considering the winter we’ve had here in Toronto) the winter blues. Before you go rushing out to your local travel agent (sorry, but they have the worst prices from my experience […]