Prior to about a week ago, when I thought about Prince Edward Island (PEI for short) the only things that came to mind were potatoes, red earth and Anne of Green Gables.

PEI was always a place that I knew very little about, and never had much of a desire to visit. Since attending an event about P.E.I. last Tuesday, I have discovered an Island with more to offer than I could have ever imagined.

PEI is so rich with food that you can even walk around and find delicious things to eat in the wild. From Fiddleheads and Strawberries to Mussels and Lobster, if you look in the right place these things can be found just a short drive away on the Gentle Island.

PEI Mussels

PEI Mussels

Side Note: Living in the city, much of the food we eat is controlled completely by large corporations. We know nothing about where it comes from, or even if it is safe to eat. Food has become so modified that chances are we are all going to die of some form of cancer.

Think about this, do you know someone who produces food? If you live in a large city, chances are the answer to this question is no. But, if you live in P.E.I., Chef Michael Smith claims that everyone there knows at least someone who produces food.

After learning about PEI I have started to fall in love with an Island that I have never even met. I have begun researching real estate and am hoping to make a trip out there soon! Here are 5 of the greatest things that I have discovered that the island has to offer, most of which are very inexpensive too:

foraged PEI spruce tips

Foraged Spruce Tips

Foraging: Foraging is the act of finding and harvesting wild edibles and resources. Essentially, living off the land. The way things should be. PEI is so abundant with natural edibles that many of the things would cost a fortune for anyone west of the island. In the waters around the islands, the ocean is home to blue mussels, Colville Bay, Malpeque and Raspberry Point oysters, clams, quahogs, snow crab, lobster and much more. The list of wild edibles includes cattails, fiddleheads, mint, dandelion greens, spruce shoots, wild strawberries, chanterelle mushrooms, and wild blueberries (depending on the season). With a little education and a plot of land, you can find many of these items in the wild for FREE! Here is a list of contacts for foraging on the island.

Culinary: While I touched on Oysters in the last section, I have never had an Oyster that was so delicious until I tried a fresh Colville Bay. PEI is also home to some of Canada’s best beef and a plethora of other delicious offerings. Here is a full list of some unique culinary experiences offered on Prince Edward Island.

Colville Bay Oysters

Colville Bay Oysters

Real Estate: Prince Edward Island Real Estate is CHEAP (at least compared to Toronto). For under $200,000 you can find a beautiful home right near the ocean. If you are looking for a vacation home, PEI is a great place to consider!

Chef Michael Smith: I did not know much about Chef Michael Smith until attending the PEI Event last week, but I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him. Not only is he one of the nicest, calm chefs I have ever met, he also taught me how to shuck an oyster. Chef Michael Smith is Prince Edward Island’s Food Ambassador and does the job very well! He regularly attends major food events around the island so if you are there, try to find out where he will be! (Michael will be at both the Fall Flavours Festival & PEI Shellfish Festival this September).

“Chef Michael Smith teaching me how to shuck an oyster at the #tasteofPEI event”

Golf: PEI is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in Canada. Not only are their courses beautiful, they are also cheaper than courses in other parts of Canada.

Scenery: PEI is known for its beautiful landscape and there are plenty of beautiful sites to visit. The island is known best for its beautiful lighthouses, the sand dunes at Greenwich in Prince Edward Island National Park and the scenic drives around the island. Even the more populated parts of the island have a charm of their own like nowhere else.

These are just a few of the many things to see on the Island. If you love great food, living the more simple life where you eat from the land, not from a processing plant and beautiful scenery, check out what Prince Edward Island has to offer today!