For those of you that know me well, you probably have already heard, but some people may be reading this blog that don’t know what I have been up to lately as I really haven’t said anything here. About 3 months ago I started working full-time as a real estate sales representative at Bosley Real Estate on Queen West (at Dovercourt). Since then I have spent a lot of time seeing as much product (houses and condos) as I can, running open houses, networking, continuing to learn and have even helped some clients find a new home.

Part of the reason I got into this career path was I really enjoy helping people and I believe people should get the best value for their dollar (as you may have noticed from several of the posts on here). I treat every transaction as if my clients’ money is my own and make sure that I either get the most money for my client’s property or help them pay as little as possible for a property that they might want to call home.

If you aren’t from Toronto, you might not know the name Bosley Real Estate, so let me tell you why I chose to work with them. When I first walked in their doors, it just felt right. The management team is very involved with organized real estate, and since starting here, my manager was even elected as President of the Toronto Real Estate board for 2015. Most of the other agents actually come to the office, unlike many other brokerages, and are happy to help with any questions. Everyone is generally happy here.

On top of all that, Bosley has an amazing reputation amongst their peers in the industry and is home to many of the highest producing agents in the city. They are known for having a very high level of professionalism, which is one thing I found to be lacking in my experiences buying my own condo. Best of all, we kick some serious butt when it comes to getting clients the most money for their homes:


So why would you hire me? Honestly, I think I am a trustworthy person, but know trust needs to be earned. Here are some of the things I will do, that very few other agents will do for you:

– I will fight hard for YOU to get YOU the most money, or make sure YOU pay the least amount possible. For example, I’ve already advised clients that I think they should pay less, even though they wanted to go in with a higher offer which I knew would seal the deal right away. My first deal was a lease, which most agents would try to spend as little time possible on, but I spent a good 4-5 days just on negotiating the terms with the other agent to make sure my clients didn’t pay any more than they had to.

– I will NEVER choose my own financial gain over YOUR best interests.

– I have worked for myself for the last 7+ years doing online marketing, so I know a thing or two about getting your property viewed by potential clients. I know where and even when to post to make sure the most people see your property.

– I understand the importance of good photography for a listing and will spend money to make you money. If hiring a professional photographer will get you the most people in through the doors, then I will pay for one. Heck, I’ll even hire a production company to make a video if I think it will sell your special property that may attract buyers in other countries.

– I have an amazing team behind me should I have any questions along the way. Unlike many brokerages, our office works together, and has regular meetings where we talk about what is going on in the market.

– Through our in-house Bosley training program, I learned many real life scenarios including the art of negotiation and how to handle multiple offer scenarios (which I ended up winning), something very important to Toronto’s market.

– I know the city well, and have lived here my entire life. I am always out on the town at various events, and keep a close ear out for major developmental changes.

– I am someone you can turn to for anything real estate related. I will walk you through the entire home selling/buying process and even advise you if I don’t think it is a good idea for you to buy. I will keep you updated on what your home is worth after we close the deal.

– Most importantly, when you hire me, you get ME. Not a team of agents that aren’t who you initially thought you were hiring. You can call me at any time no matter how insignificant the question.

I hope this gives you a bit of insight about my new career, and really hope to hear from you! My website is, but I am not just focused on the condo market. My idea client is someone looking to sell their condo and move on to their first home, so I have knowledge of both of these subjects. The areas I plan to focus on are from Leslieville to Mimico, up to around Bloor/Danforth, though if you are looking along the Yonge TTC line, I grew up at Yonge/Eglinton and know those areas well too.



Since it can be hard to get people to read about a blog post about real estate, I have decided to add a giveaway down here at the bottom. To start off, I am going to giveaway a pair of tickets to the TFC match this Wednesday at 8pm. The tickets are located in the supporters section which is standing only and is a lot of fun. I will probably change the giveaway up after the TFC game to something else, so keep checking back on this page for the latest giveaway!
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