I guess this article should really be titled “MY favorite coffee shops in Toronto” but writing “Toronto’s best coffee shops” just sounds better and is something more people will type into a search engine looking for a new coffee place to try. I decided to write this article to share some of my choices for best places that I have found while looking for that “perfect cup of coffee”.

As someone who used to spend a lot of time at my local Starbucks (using their wifi to work on my online business), over the years I noticed the quality of their coffee itself started slipping to an almost intolerable point. This made me want to find something better so I began a search for great places to have a coffee in Toronto with reasonable prices.

One thing to note for my reviews of these places is that I typically order Americano’s, Cappuccino’s, Latte’s or just a regular coffee when I visit a new coffee shops. I could care less for their flavored drinks, iced mocha whatever or anything venturing too far off the taste of coffee. While I know you may disagree with me on some of these options, you have to realize coffee is a personal thing and just because I like my coffee one way, you may like it a completely different way. I would use this list more as places to consider if you are looking to try a new place from your regular coffee shop. Of course if you have any favorite spots add them in the comments section below as I am always on the lookout for new places to add to my list.

Another thing with coffee is, unlike food, I am not willing to travel as far for a good cup. If I really wanted to have the best every time I would probably have to move to Italy because nothing in this city compares with what you get over there in my eyes. So, without further adieu, here are…

My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops in Toronto

Merchants of Green Coffee – 2 Matilda St, QUEEN EAST –  This hidden gem was introduced to me by another blogger, Ayngelina. Merchants of Green Coffee is tucked down a side-street in a quiet Riverside neighborhood. Unless you live in the area, or have heard about it, chances are you will never find this place. This shop is not just a coffee shop, they actually specialize in sourcing and importing green coffee beans. The shop itself is very unpretentious and very laid back and you can tell their focus is really on their coffee. The drip coffee is more expensive here than any other shop, but worth every penny! The space also is very large with many tables in plugs if you want to kick back and enjoy your coffee. They even have a small selection of board games to play while there. If you want to experience the best tasting coffee in Toronto (in my opinion), you definitely need to give this place a try.

Jimmy’s Coffee – 107 Portland St., KING WEST – Located at King and Portland in a small house north of King, this place is really only visited by those that know about it. The first few times I passed it, I passed it by because from the exterior I did not think it looked like much. Once I finally made it inside I discovered that this little secret was home to some of the best coffee that I have had in Toronto.

Jimmy’s Latte

Te Aro Coffee Roasters – 983 Queen St. E, LESLIEVILLE – I have only visited this east end coffee shop once as I spend most of my time in the west end of the city, but I was very impressed with my first visit. I randomly stumbled across this place as I was walking around Leslieville one day and had one of the best latte’s I’ve had in the city. The space is very cool with huge machines on display which they used for roasting their own beans in house. The staff at Te Aro were very  welcoming and I would definitely return if I am in the east end. I also have read they opened a new location on Ossington which I will have to check out soon.

Te Aro Latte

Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters – 96 Spadina Ave., KING WEST – Often referred to as a hangout among the hipster population (well at least it was before it got “popular” of course) this small café serves up some great coffee based drinks. Their menu is a little more inventive than most coffee shops and includes several drinks I have never heard of (such as a Turkish Latte). They have also started offering fresh made sandwiches which are reasonably priced (they have a combo with an Americano for $10) have all been quite tasty when I tried them.

Sandwich from Sense Appeal

Moonbeam Coffee Company – 30 St Andrew St., KENSINGTON MARKET – This coffee shop is another hidden gem on one of the less trafficked streets of Kensington Market. They have a huge selection of coffee beans from all over the world,  including one of my favourites: Blue Mountain (Jamaica). Drinks are reasonably priced and they have 2 patios (front & back) for hanging out to enjoy your drink in the summer.

Jars of Coffee Beans at Moonbeam

Other Great Coffee Shops in Toronto

Other well known coffee shops that I’ve tried that weren’t quite worthy of “best in Toronto” but still deserved a mention:

Aroma – VARIOUS LOCATIONS – I like Aroma for a cappuccino, but their prices are somewhat more expensive and it doesn’t really have that feel of a place fully committed to their coffee as they have quite an extensive food menu also. One thing that is great here though is you get a small chocolate for free with your coffee purchase.

Balzac’s – VARIOUS LOCATIONS – This is my go-to coffee shop if I am in either the Distillery District or Liberty Village. Their coffee is decent and a step up from the major chains, but nothing to go crazy about.

Crema – VARIOUS LOCATIONS – I was excited to finally try Crema when I found out one opened near me, but this place is quite pricey for what you get. If you are someone like me that is used to the drink sizes of Starbucks you will be very disappointed when you get what feels like a kiddie cup of coffee with your order here. Though it is quite good, I think it is too expensive for me to return on any kind of regular basis.

Dark Horse – VARIOUS LOCATIONS – After passing Darkhorse many times I was dying to finally try them out. I have since gone 2 times and both times I was quite disappointed with the quality of their coffee.

Pusateri’s – VARIOUS LOCATIONS – When I used to have an office at Bay and Bloor, this was one of my go-to places for coffee. Expecting to pay a ridiculous price for coffee I was surprised when I managed to get a large coffee for under $2. They also serve Illy Coffee so you get a quality product for a very competitive price!

Spot Coffee – 333 Bremner Blvd., CITYPLACE – This is my regular coffee shop as I live practically across the street from their location. I consider them an upgrade from Starbucks though there is a problem with consistency and it is hit or miss depending on the barista making the coffee. They do have some great food also, including sandwiches and fresh made pizza. I personally love their cajun turkey wrap ($10.99) which comes with a delicious side salad.

White Squirrel – 907 Queen St. W, QUEEN WEST – If you are near Trinity Bellwoods looking for a coffee fix this is a great spot to grab a coffee and head over for a walk in the park. Prices are very reasonable and it definitely has the vibe of an indie coffee shop. There isn’t much seating inside though so I consider this as more of a take-out coffee shop.

Fahrenheit – 120 Lombard St., ST. LAWRENCE MARKET AREA – I haven’t actually tried this place, but it came highly recommended from several friends on Twitter so I thought I would add it to this list. Once I get a chance to visit I will leave a more thorough review.

Hope you find this article useful and I would love to hear where your favorite coffee shops are in Toronto in the comment section below!