This blog post is long overdue as Ravi Soups is one of my favourite places to eat and one of the best cheap eats in Toronto.

Ravi Soups was started by Ravi Kanagarajah after a failed attempt to open a second Black Camel location. Prior to opening Ravi Soups Kanagarajah had worked his way up from dishwasher at Mildred Pierce to saucier in the kitchen. He later moved on to work at The Drake and Avalon before his time at Black Camel. Kanagarajah was helping with the opening of the second location, but when the owner pulled the plug after just 6 months, Ravi decided to take over the location and create his own place.

I have tried most things on their menu and there really hasn’t been anything on it that I don’t like. Typically when I visit Ravi Soups I order a soup and wrap combo which costs $10.99 plus tax, but if you prefer you can order just a soup or wrap on it’s own. Though, I feel the combo gives you the best value. Here is a screenshot of their menu listed on their site, though there are a few other choices that are not listed such as their daily specials and the curried lamb wrap:

Ravi Soups Menu

Ravi Soups Menu

Ravi Soups now has 3 locations; 1128 Queen St. W, 2535 Dundas St. W and 322 Adelaide St. W. I have yet to try the Queen St. or Dundas locations but can say the quality is always very consistent at the Adelaide St. location.

When you walk into Ravi Soups you place your order at the counter then find a seat. They have a long wooden table that is very impressive where you can dine with others, or can grab one of the more private tables around the restaurant. In summer months they have a beautiful patio in the back which is somewhat of an oasis within the city to relax and enjoy your meal.

My favourite combo to order is the Curried Lamb Wrap with the Curried Apricot and Lentil Soup. Here is a picture of this combo:

Curried Lamb wrap & Curried Apricot & Lentil Soup

Curried Lamb wrap & Curried Apricot & Lentil Soup

What I really love about Ravi Soups is they use very high quality ingredients which create intense and amazing flavours but don’t charge you a crazy amount for them. I can’t believe the quality you get here sometimes when you compare it to similar restaurants in their price range! For example, their Porcini Mushroom soup (which is one of my favourite mushroom soups) comes full of mushrooms and even has a hint of truffle oil. Not bad for under $15!

Here are some other pictures of meals I have had there:

Ravi Stew w/ Wrap Combo

Ravi Stew w/ Wrap Combo

Ravi Soups Takeout

Ravi Soups Takeout Pork Shoulder Wrap w/ Soup Combo

Wrap combos w/ Apricot and Porcini Mushroom Soups

Wrap combos w/ Apricot and Porcini Mushroom Soups


Incredible value! As I mentioned above, the use of high quality ingredients and amazing flavours makes this place one of the best value restaurants in Toronto!


Not really applicable here, though they do bring your meal to your table and clean up after you.


I can’t really say enough good things about this place and definitely recommend visiting if you are looking for somewhere cheap and delicious to eat. If you like complex and exciting flavours then this place is great! This restaurant is a must visit if you live or work in the downtown area.

SCORE: 9.5/10



Website: – Don’t be fooled by the ugly website!
Twitter: @ravissoups
Address: 1128 Queen St. W (Map), 322 Adelaide St. W (Map), 2535 Dundas St. W (Map)
Phone Number: (647) 435-8365 (Adelaide)

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