Since I haven’t written any reviews or blog posts lately I figure I would do a weekly round-up of some of the best cheap eats I have enjoyed over the past few weeks in Toronto. Here is a collection of a few places on all corners of the downtown core:

Buster’s Sea Cove – St Lawrence Market

I must have passed this place so many times over the years of going to the Market but finally got around to trying them out. I noticed they had a sandwich menu, and lately I have been on the lookout for a good fish sandwich. I asked the gentleman working the counter which he recommended and he said it depended if I wanted something grilled or fried. I opted for grilled, and he suggested trying the Salmon Sandwich. The sandwich had a great bread to content ratio and there was lots of excellent flavour. I will definitely head back here for future visits to the market when I am looking for something to eat.

Buster's Sea Cove Salmon Sandwich ($8.95)

The Real Jerk – Leslieville

Several weeks ago, The Real Jerk announced that they would be closing officially as of January 31st. Since then I have been out twice and have a mixed reaction towards my meals there. The first time I went the portions were great, service was fast and the food was DELICIOUS! Unfortunately, when I returned on the second time the service was extremely slow and the food seemed to be in smaller portions and nowhere near as delicious as the first time around. If you can catch them at a good time (possibly with the right cook) it might be worth a visit before they close, just don’t go during a busy time or expect to wait! Our meal took around 3 HOURS from start to finish! (NOTE This isn’t really a cheap eat, but thought it deserved a mention)

Jerk Chicken & Curry Goat on Rice & Peas w/ Coleslaw ($14.50)


Clafouti – Queen West

After visiting Clafouti on a previous time for some croissants I remembered they had quite a collection of ready made sandwiches. I decided to head back and try out one of their sandwiches as they are quite active on Twitter and I am always on the lookout for hidden sandwich gems. I asked the guy at the counter which he recommended and he suggested I try the Curry Chicken Walnut Mango. For $5.95 the sandwich was very tasty (though not a huge portion) but it hit the spot for how I was feeling (hunger-wise) that day. A great option if you are in the area and looking for a nice light lunch.

Curry Chicken Walnut Mango Sandwich ($5.95)

Dumpling House Restaurant – Chinatown

After a visit to Tap Phong to pickup some supplies for my cooking school I was in need of a snack to tie me over until dinner. I have never eaten a lot of dumplings in my life other than once at Rol San during dim sum and several of the frozen “make-at-home” variety. I decided to try this place out as I had heard good things and it’s cool because you can see them making the dumplings in the window. At $6 for a dozen dumplings, the price was right so I went with the Pork and Chive variety. These were by far the best dumplings I have had (remember, I haven’t eaten a lot so don’t have a lot to compare them to) with a nice crispy exterior and soft filling. A great option if you are in need of a fuel up in the area!

Dumpling House - 12 Dumplings for $6

Ravi Soups – Entertainment District

Ravi Soups is one of my favourite¬† cheap eats lunch (or dinner) spots in Toronto. Their wraps are always delicious and their soups are incredible for what you pay. I always opt for the soup and wrap combo ($10.99) as this gets you the best of both worlds. I really need to do a full review on them in a later post, but after trying many items my two favourites are the Curried Apricot and Red Lentil Soup and the Curried Lamb Wrap. If you haven’t been I would put this on your list of MUST TRY places as the price is great (considering the quality of ingredients used) and the food is DELICIOUS! This is my winner by far of all of these places and I have yet to take someone here that hasn’t enjoyed their meal.

Curried Apricot & Red Lentil Soup w/ Curried Lamb Wrap Combo ($10.99)

Since I tend to eat out at a lot of cheaper restaurants I will try to do a similar roundup of Toronto cheap eats every few weeks if people are interested.