One interesting thing about being active on social media, is companies look to reach out to you for all sorts of cool stuff. One of the biggest companies for tracking activity is Klout, and just over a month ago they offered a perk to select individuals to test drive a Cadillac ATS. I jumped at the opportunity for the test drive, and around mid-January I was given 3 days to play around with the car.

The car was delivered to my condo early on a Friday morning. I was quickly given a walk through of some of the features then handed the keys to play around for the next few days. During the time I had an opportunity to take the car all over the place to get a good feel for how the car performed around the city and on the highway. My initial thoughts about the car could be described in just one word: “WOW!”


Cadillac ATS Front View

This car was fully loaded with all the bells and whistles (aka the latest technology). This included popular features such as OnStar, Navigation, a Bose stereo system and also some wicked new features! My favourite of these features included the heads-up display (a projected image onto the windshield to show you how fast you are going), the rear view camera and a blind-spot warning system.

Cadillac Heads-Up Display

Cadillac Heads-Up Display (see red circle)

ATS Rear View Camera

ATS Rear View Camera


The car itself drove very well too!  The model that I got to try out was the 2.0L turbo which had a lot of power! I had lots of fun zipping around the city and taking it on the highway. If the heads-up display wasn’t there I wouldn’t even realize how fast I was going at times!

Cadillac ATS Interior

Cadillac ATS Interior / Dashboard

The car came equipped with leather seats and also had some nice classy touches on the interior. My favourite interior feature was the hidden storage area in the center console that contained a USB port for charging your devices!

Cadillac ATS Door

Cadillac ATS Door

It was really hard to say goodbye to the car at the end of the 3 days, but I got to chat with one of the guys from Cadillac at the end of my test drive and he got me very excited about the future of cars! One thing he mentioned is one day the side-view mirrors may be replaced by TV screens.

I was very impressed with the Cadillac and it definitely changed my image of the brand from a company that makes cars for older people to a hip/tech-savvy modern car company.

Cadillac ATS on the road

Cadillac ATS on the road

For more information about the car, visit the Cadillac ATS page on