Buonanotte Toronto Review

When I used to visit Montreal a few years back, one of the places I always ended up going out with friends to was Buonanotte. When I heard a while ago that Buonanotte had opened a Toronto restaurant, I was intrigued, but never made a big effort to go there, even though it is just […]

Cooking With Rosa at 7 Numbers

Walking in the door to the Cooking With Rosa evening at 7 Numbers, we were immediately greeted with a glass of wine. Not in a fancy wine glass, in a cup, just like they do it in Italy. The table was set for about 15, in a long family style setup with many of the […]

The Ballroom Bowl Review

This review is LONG OVERDUE as The Ballroom Bowl is one of my favourite bars in Toronto. Not only do they have great food, awesome staff and a variety of fun things happening and to do there, they also have lots of great deals! Opened in 2011, The Ballroom Bowl (I just call it Ballroom […]

Hunters Landing Review

Last night Hunters Landing quietly opened in the Cityplace neighbourhood of Toronto. The restaurant wasn’t even supposed to be open to the public, just friends and family, but after watching the Jays lose yet another game in Toronto me and a few friends decided to check it out. I don’t even really write reviews of […]

Oddseoul Review

Last Friday I was out for a night on the town with my friend Jo. We had started the night at No One Writes To The Colonel and enjoyed several cocktails but were looking for a new place to try. We wanted to continue drinking great cocktails but were also starting to get hungry when […]