Cheap Beer: James Ready 5.5

A while back I asked on Twitter what people wanted to save money on, and one of the most popular responses was alcohol. Since then I have been experimenting a lot more with cheaper alcohol options and have decided to start doing regular posts on cheap booze options. This week I am writing about cheap […]

Off The Cuff Review

Just over a month ago, I was tipped off by my friend Jo about a clothing store where you can go to buy high-end designer clothing for dirt cheap! The ironic thing about this trip was that I went to high school right next door to this place, but had never even heard of it […]

Cadillac ATS Review #ATSDrive

One interesting thing about being active on social media, is companies look to reach out to you for all sorts of cool stuff. One of the biggest companies for tracking activity is Klout, and just over a month ago they offered a perk to select individuals to test drive a Cadillac ATS. I jumped at […]

Alberta Premium Dark Horse Review

Last week I was invited to attend a launch party for Alberta Permium‘s new premium product: Dark Horse. At first I was a little hesitent because I had never been a huge fan of rye whisky or scotch. I found them to lack in flavour, burn going down and they often caused me to get […]

Car2Go Toronto Review

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a Car2Go Toronto VIP Event by Jamie Leigh to learn a bit more about their new car sharing service in Toronto. I was quite excited to hear about the company when they first launched because unlike their competitors you can user their cars for one-way trips. […]