A while back I asked on Twitter what people wanted to save money on, and one of the most popular responses was alcohol. Since then I have been experimenting a lot more with cheaper alcohol options and have decided to start doing regular posts on cheap booze options. This week I am writing about cheap beer, and the beer I recently discovered is James Ready 5.5.

After tweeting about trying the beer, I quickly learned that James Ready was a popular beer for University students. Either I am older than these people, or maybe because I went to College instead of University, I had never heard of James Ready beer until a few weeks ago!

My girlfriend and I were at our local beer store trying to find some beer for a night of board games and drinking. It basically came down to trying to decide on a tasty craft beer, or to get a more generic beer (ie. Coor’s Light or something like that). That was until we spotted the James Ready cases tucked in the corner of the “cheap beer” section. The green box seemed to call to me, and at 5.5% alcohol I figured how bad could it be for about $30 for a 24 pack! At worst I figured it would be similar to Molson Canadian but with more alcohol so I decided to give it a shot.

James Ready 5.5

James Ready 5.5

When we got home I cracked one open and was actually quite impressed! This beer actually has some flavour to it, and goes down nicely. Though there is not a whole lot to the beer, I find it to be much nicer than most generic beers (Molson, Labatt’s, etc.) and considering it is several dollars cheaper it is great value!

This is not the kind of beer I am gonna rave about, like I do with my favourite Innis & Gunn, but if you are looking for a good drinking beer that is cheap I definitely suggest giving the James Ready 5.5 a try! If I would compare it to wine, I would say James Ready 5.5 is like a great table table wine.

One cool thing I like about James Ready is under each of the caps there is some kind of game. I am not sure how it works entirely, but each cap has a message and apparently there is a board game you can get, though my searches online turned up empty.

Have you tried James Ready? If so, post what you think in the comments below because maybe I just have weird taste buds, but from everyone I have given one to or talked to about it they also said they enjoy drinking them!