Bars are getting more expensive to go for drinks in this city every year. A $5 cocktail of a few years ago is now $8. Here are some of my favourite places to go in Toronto for cheap drinks:

Ballroom Bowl
Located in the Entertainment District, Ballroom is one of my favourite bars in the city for a fun time. They have live music, bowling, ping pong, foosball AND they also have many great deals!

Monday-Friday from Open-8pm (Thursdays til Close): $4 Bar Rail / $5 Creemore, Corona & Steamwhistle
Tuesday: $12 Canadian Pint & Burger
Thursday: $8 Signature Double Cocktails
Friday: $12.00 Pitchers
Saturday: $4 Caesars from 12-4pm, $45 Mickeys 4pm-Close
Sunday: $4 Rail, $5 Jagermeister & Jack Daniels 4pm – Close (and 1 hour FREE bowling!)

Cheap Drinks TorontoBar With No Name (1651 Bloor St. W)
One of the best places in the Junction with great drink deals (suggested by @jaypishere on Twitter)

Monday: $10 Pitchers & $2.75 Bar Rail
Tuesday: $3.50 Bottles of Beer
Wednesdays: $10 Pitchers & $2.75 Bar Rail
Thursdays: $3.75 Tall Cans

Crocodile Rock (240 Adelaide St W, Toronto)
Toronto’s most notorious cougar bar!

Wednesdays: $4 Drinks All Night
Thursdays: $4 Premium Martinis All Night
Every Day: $4 Martinis (Except Friday/Saturday Nights After 8pm)

Eat My Martini (648 College St, Toronto)
With one of the most extensive martini lists I’ve seen in the city, they also offer some great deals throughout the week:

Monday – Thursday: $3 Shots, $5 Martinis & $3 Mixed Drinks
Friday-Saturday Night: $6 Martinis, $4 Mixed Drinks

Fynn’s of Temple Bar (489 King St W, Toronto)
Fynn’s is a great pub in the King West neighbourhood of Toronto. They get a lot of live bands and it has a nice homely feel.

Monday: ½ Price Bottles of Wine & Industry Night Drink Specials 9pm-close
Tuesday: $5 Pints of Foundry Cider All Day
Wednesday: $4 Pints Of Alexander Keith’s All Day
Saturday: $4 Classic Caesars & Mimosas & $5 Feature Local Beer Pints from 11am-4pm
Sunday: $4 Classic Caesars & Mimosas from 11am-4pm, $5 Pints of Mill Street 5pm-close

Hey Lucy (295 King St W / 440 Bloor Street W, Toronto)
A great spot for a martini in between the Entertainment District & King West. They also have a location in the Annex on Bloor just East of Bathurst.

Wednesday: $4.50 Martinis 5pm-Close
Friday: $5 Wine
Every Day: $4.50 Martinis Until 5pm

Insomnia Café (563 Bloor St W, Toronto)
One of the best bars in Toronto to go for a date, Insomnia has a nice laid back vibe to it.

Monday: $4 Creemore Pints, $3 Tullmoredew Shots
Tuesday: $3 Krombacher 20cl Pints, $6 Champagne Mimosas
Wednesday: $4 August Ale Pints, $3 Jagermeister
Thursday: $4 Steamwhistle Pints
Friday / Saturday: $3 Talk Boy & Skip It Shooters
Sunday $3 Skyy Vodka, $4 Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion Pints

Lou Dawgs (647 King St W / 76 Gerrard St E, Toronto)
With 2 locations, Lou Dawgs hosts 3 weekly events where they offer drink specials:

Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday Nights: $4.50 Jack Daniels
During Blue Jays Games: $5 Lou Dawgs Lager Pints

O&B Canteen (330 King St, Toronto)
If you are heading to a Blue Jays game and want a classy spot with cheap drinks before the game, this is a great deal:

During Blue Home Jays Games: $5 Mill Street Tankhouse

O’Gradys On College (171 College St. W, Toronto)
A popular university pub located near University of Toronto campus.

Monday: $10 Pitchers, 3/$9 Shooters
Tuesday: $10 Pitchers, 3/$9 Jager
Wednesday: $4 Corona, $5 Steam Whistle, $3 Tequila
Thursday: $4 Martinis, $3 Domestic Bottles, $4 Domestic Pints, $3 Bar Rail
Friday: $4 Fosters, $4 Lychee Martinis, $3 Caesar
Saturday: $5 Creemore

Paupers Pub (539 Bloor St. W, Toronto)
An Annex hotspot for university students Paupers is a nice cozy pub.

Monday: $6 3oz Martinis
Tuesday: $5 Premium Beer Bottles
Thursday: $4 Premium Drinks
Sunday: $3.50 Caesars & Mixed Drinks

Smokey Joes Café (4899 Yonge St, Toronto)
This one is for the people living in the north end of the city.

Tuesday: $2.75 Domestic Bottles & Bar Rail

The Lakeview Restaurant (1132 Dundas W, Toronto)

Monday: $4 Creemore Pints
Tuesday: $4 King Pilsner Pints
Wednesday: $4 Muskoka Cream & Dark Ale Pints
Thursday: $4 Muskoka Cream & Dark Ale Pints
Friday: $4 Big Rock Grasshopper Wheat, Traditional Ale, Warthog Ale Pints
Saturday: $4 Mill St. Organic, Cobblestone Stout, Belgian Wit Pints
Sunday: $4 Blanche Du Chambly Pints
Every Day: $4 Jameson’s, $4 Caesars, $3 Mimosas, $4 Mixed Drinks & Select $5 Pints

The Office Pub (117 John St, Toronto)
Located in the Entertainment District just down the street from Ballroom, The Office Pub is a great place for some drinks after work.

Monday: $5 Craft Pints All Day
Tuesday: $5.50 Martinis, $5 Steam Whistle & Creemore Pints All Day
Wednesday: $5 Craft Pints All Day
Thursday: $5 Pints of Ricards Red, Amsterdam Blonde or Office Rasberry Ale All Day & $4 Mix Drinks After 4pm
Friday: $4 Mix Drinks After 4pm
Saturday: $4 Caesars Until 4pm & $4 Mixed Drinks After 8pm
Sunday: $4 Caesars Until 4pm
Every Day: $4 Jager & Fireball Shots

The Raq (739 Queen St W, Toronto)
A fun bar with plenty of pool tables.

Tuesday: $3.50 Domestic Pints
Thursday: $5 Pints of Sapporo, $5 Mojitos, $5 Sangria, $5 Gin & Tonic & $5 Okanagan Springs Pale Ale
Sunday: $4 Caesars, $5 Margaritas

The Shore Club (155 Wellington St, Toronto)
If you are looking for somewhere upscale downtown with great drink deals, The Shore Club has great happy hour deals daily.

Monday – Friday from 4pm-7pm: $5 Beer, $7 Wine, $2 Prawns & Buck A Shuck Oysters!

Wide Open (139a Spadina Ave, Toronto)
Wide Open is a little dive bar on Spadina just south of Richmond. It is just a long narrow space with some of the best drink prices in the city!

Monday: ½ Price & $10 Pitchers til Midnight
Tuesday: $3.00 Bottles
Wednesday: $4.50 Pints & Mixed Drinks
Thursday: $2.50 Drinks During Happy Hour (5-8pm)
Friday: $12.00 Pitchers
Saturday: $3 Mixed Drinks til Midnight
Sunday: $3 Bar Rail & Domestic Bottles

Know any other places that have great drink deals? Post your favourite drink specials in the comments section below: