Buonanotte Toronto Review

When I used to visit Montreal a few years back, one of the places I always ended up going out with friends to was Buonanotte. When I heard a while ago that Buonanotte had opened a Toronto restaurant, I was intrigued, but never made a big effort to go there, even though it is just […]

Cooking With Rosa at 7 Numbers

Walking in the door to the Cooking With Rosa evening at 7 Numbers, we were immediately greeted with a glass of wine. Not in a fancy wine glass, in a cup, just like they do it in Italy. The table was set for about 15, in a long family style setup with many of the […]

The Ballroom Bowl Review

This review is LONG OVERDUE as The Ballroom Bowl is one of my favourite bars in Toronto. Not only do they have great food, awesome staff and a variety of fun things happening and to do there, they also have lots of great deals! Opened in 2011, The Ballroom Bowl (I just call it Ballroom […]

Khao San Road Review

After spending last Saturday night at Khao San Road‘s annual Songkran event (more on what is probably the best event I’ve EVER been to in Toronto in a future post), I was surprised to see that I hadn’t done a review for them on this blog. Khao San Road is without a doubt one of […]

Milestones Launches A New Menu For 2013

Prior to last night I had not set foot in a Milestones for over 3 years! Unlike many other restaurants in the very competitive mid-end chain restaurant space, it seemed like they did not do much to adapt to the ever changing climate over the past few years. I can’t even remember anyone telling me […]